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Hood Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Hood Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Hood Cleaning Services

The exhaust hood in your kitchen plays a crucial role because it filters fumes, grease and moisture while you cook. Additionally, in restaurants; it protects both customers and employees from exposure to dangerous smoke, fumes and bad odor. This is why chefs take the cleanliness of the exhaust hood seriously.

When you ignore cleaning the kitchen exhaust hood and it remains dirty for a very long time, it will become more hazardous than beneficial; as in a restaurant or a commercial kitchen, the hood doesn’t take long to turn into an unappealing grease coated surface. The accumulating grease actually presents a great threat to the health of the people working in the kitchen, and as grease is flammable, it can lead to fire hazards.

Unfortunately, fire outbreaks in the kitchen are frequent in commercial establishments in Singapore, with the most common cause being greasy exhaust hoods. In case of a fire, all the kitchen equipment may be destroyed, causing hefty damage to the owner, who may have to shut down the business. The owner may have to spend tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance and repairs to fix the place up again. Not to mention the loss of reputation among customers and employees alike.

Besides all these, the fire will also threaten the safety of your employees and customers. You may have to pay fines for risking others’ lives and you will have to compensate them for their losses or injuries as well. This is why it has become a norm in Singapore, for a Food Hygiene Officer (FHO) from the National Environment Agency (NEA) to visit your facility, to look out for likely hazards, and get them fixed on a regular basis. It is important to emphasize the fact that grease accumulates quickly in the kitchen; therefore hiring a professional Exhaust Hood Cleaning Service is highly recommended to avoid issues with the FHO and NEA.

Companies providing exhaust hood cleaning services will send their team of professionals to your restaurant or kitchen. These trained personnel will clean the exhaust hood and the rest of the trouble areas within your commercial kitchen. They will be able to provide complete and thorough cleaning at the most affordable rates. These professionals come with high-tech gadgets and apparatus that help them clean the exhaust hood without any hassle. Besides that, they make sure that the chemicals they use are safe and non-hazardous to one’s health.

When people try to clean the hood on their own, they tend to take more risks and cause more hazards because they do not know the key points to avoid accidents, unlike professional cleaners. Thus, the main benefit of hiring professional hood cleaning services is that, these professionals know exactly what weaknesses or blind spots the FHO will look out for, when they inspect the restaurant. They pay attention to those areas and make sure that they are sparkling clean before it is too late.

Ideal exhaust hood cleaning services must include the following:

  • Cleaning the entire exhaust system from scratch
  • Scrapping clean the exhaust system, all the way to the top
  • Washing the entire exhaust hood using food-safe caustic cleaning agents and warm water
  • Using pressure washing techniques for washing the interior and exterior of the hood
  • Cleaning the floors and firewall
  • Scrubbing built areas using stainless steel wool
  • Removing all contaminated water
  • Polishing the firewall and the exhaust hood

Leave such hassles to the SgcleanXpert – hire a exhaust hood cleaning service for your restaurant and kitchen today!

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