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Showroom Cleaning Services

Hundreds of people walk in and out of your showroom to speak to your staff about your products, and your employees are bustling about, trying to provide their best service to your current and prospective customers. On top of keeping your customers informed about your products, you need to keep your customers happy. But, how? That’s where you could use our showroom cleaning service!

First Impressions Count

As the saying goes “first impression is the best impression”. Cleanliness of your showroom will send a strong signal to your clients and business associates – how much you value your business appearance and reputation.

The first thing your client will notice while walking through your showroom door is – the floor. To clean that you need us – the floor cleaning experts to keep your floor spotless. SGcleanXpert uses cutting edge technologies to clean any type of floor, regardless of its type, texture and area. Our industrial standard equipment and chemicals will remove the most stubborn dirt and stains.

Carpet Cleaning And Sofa Shampooing

In addition, if your floor is carpeted, we also offer carpet cleaning service. Carpets trap a lot of dirt and grime from our shoes, and coffee or tea spills often stain our carpets. Hence on top of simply vacuuming your carpet, we recommend regular shampooing of your carpeted floor to get rid of dust mites, dirt, germs and bacteria. This rejuvenates your carpet, making it feel fresh and brand new again.

The same goes for sofa and couches. They require regular maintenance and cleaning to continue looking neat and comfortable. Get professional help to get rid of the dirt and stains by contacting SGcleanXpert.

Glass Cleaning And Facade Cleaning

Ever marvelled at those crystal clear glass panelling, especially for the car showrooms along Leng Kee Road? With huge floor to ceiling glass to showcase shiny brand new cars, no wonder customers are often tempted to enter those car showrooms! With SGcleanXpert’s glass cleaning service, we ensure no fingerprints are left on your showroom glass door, mirrors, windows and glass panelings.

Besides taking care of your showroom interior, we must also make sure your showroom exterior is presentable. Whether you need exterior building facade cleaning, or hi-jet cleaning for your driveway, we have the certified cleaning specialists and appropriate equipment to settle it for you.

Other Showroom Cleaning Services

Our professional service also extends to janitorial services like cleaning washrooms, sanitising toilets, mopping floors, clearing garbage, wiping down tables and more.
SGcleanXpert also provides aircon servicing and chemical cleaning services. Regular maintenance of the air conditioning system will prevent the proliferation of mould spores, germs and bacteria.

With a clean and hygienic working environment both your employees and your customers will be happy, healthy and comfortable.

Why Choose SGcleanXpert

Our cleaning services are also offered outside of regular working hours, so you have the flexibility to choose when you need our cleaning to be carried out, without disturbing your staff and your clients.

So to rejuvenate your showroom, contact us now – SGcleanXpert your go-to showroom cleaning service provider at highly affordable rates! We can even tailor a cleaning service package based on your specific cleaning needs and budget. So what are you waiting for? Call us at 8463 7671 or leave us message right now to experience the best cleaning service in Singapore!

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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