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Air Conditioning Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Air Conditioning Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Air Conditioning Cleaning Services

With Singapore’s hot and humid climate, air conditioning (commonly known as “aircon” in local terms) has become a necessity in many homes. Many people complain that they are unable to sleep without turning on their aircon. When dirt in the air is mixed with hot and humid air, the ducts of the air conditioning units become prone to dirt and grime accumulation. Dirt accumulates everywhere in the home, causing a multitude of problems. Furniture, carpeting and curtains are a haven for dirt, grime, bacteria and dust mites. The bad news is that all of this accumulates in your air conditioning ducts, especially with frequent use of the aircon unit. Failing to clean the air conditioning ducts regularly can also have a detrimental effect on your health. However, only trained individuals should perform air conditioning cleaning services.

Poor Indoor Air Quality Is Detrimental To Our Health

If you have recently renovated your home, you can be sure that dust and debris has found a home in your air conditioning ducts. While you won’t be able to see the dust, it will have an adverse effect on your health. Millions of people visit the doctor each year because of allergen-based conditions, which are the result of poor air quality, and this is prevalent in a hot, humid country such as Singapore. Conditions that stem from poor air quality include:

Clean cool air, on the other hand, is refreshing after a hot day. Most importantly, you could be enjoying the health benefits of clean air in your home all the time.

A number of factors determine just how regularly you need to have your air conditioning ducts cleaned by air conditioning cleaning services. Some of the reasons why you should call on SGcleanXpert include:

  • Having pets in the home
  • Being prone to allergies, sinusitis or asthma
  • Recent home renovations
  • To change the air filters
  • For aircon servicing/maintenance

Call in the experts to appraise your aircon ducts and improve your indoor air quality today.

Let SGcleanXpert Cleaning Services Save You Money

When dirt, grime and dust accumulate in your aircon ducts, the functionality of the aircon system is affected. The machine strains harder to circulate the cool air, which causes parts of the system to fail. Regular air conditioning cleaning services increase the lifespan of your aircon unit.

You would rather spend a small amount of money cleaning the system, than spend huge amounts of money repairing or replacing the aircon unit as a result of neglect.

As part of the SGcleanXpert air conditioning cleaning services, we clean both the air handler unit and the air duct system. We remove the blower and clean it by hand to ensure that all dirt is removed. We also deodorize and sanitize the unit to protect you from allergens. We vacuum the ducts to remove all the dirt from the unit. When we are finished, your air conditioner will be as good as new and you and your family can enjoy good indoor air quality once again.

Call SGcleanXpert to book our superior air conditioning cleaning services today.

Air Conditioning Cleaning Services

Residential Air Conditioning Cleaning Services

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