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Moving House Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Moving House Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Moving House Cleaning Services

Moving into your new home can be stressful and the last thing you want is to be bogged down with cleaning the house that you are vacating. It is only common decency to leave the old house in the same, or better condition than that in which it was found. However this can be a cumbersome balancing act, when you are coordinating the move to your new place. There is so much to deal with when you decide to relocate, and the following are just some of the tasks:

1. Organizing movers and packers

2. Packing furniture and all other household goods

3. Notifying relevant parties of your change of address

4. Cancelling newspaper deliveries

5. Locating new schools for your children

6. Juggling work and family life before, during and after the move

7. Cleaning the old place

8. Cleaning the new house

All of the above tasks can overwhelm you, so why not just call in the cleaning professionals and delegate tasks 7 and 8 to them? SGcleanXpert specializes in moving house cleaning services – whether it is cleaning your old place or getting ready the new house for your move in.

Expert Cleaning Service By Trustworthy Cleaners

Let SGcleanXpert’s expert moving house cleaning service tend to your dirty carpets, stained upholstery and blemished walls. We deep clean carpeting and upholstery, making them look, feel and smell as good as new. We clean dirty tiling, ensuring that all grime and dirt is removed from the tiles and grouting. We also clean windows, ceilings and all the difficult-to-reach places.

moving-house-cleaningIf you have lived in the house for a long time, chances are that there is plenty of accumulated dirt in hidden corners and areas that you are not even aware of. Our trained cleaners are experienced at locating and dealing with such dirt and grime. We will ensure that your landlord (or the new owners) will be satisfied at the state in which you left the house and the new tenants will be able to move in right away.

Our cleaners have been vetted carefully so you can trust them to work alone in the house while you get on with relocating to your new house. They will ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to cleaning the home. SGcleanXpert is adept at cleaning big and small homes alike. We have many satisfied customers who will readily refer us to their family and friends because they are happy with our superior cleaning services.

Cleaning Outside Areas Too

You are welcome to request us to clean outside areas such as garages and patios too. We know how dirt can accumulate in the garage and we have the tools and cleaning materials to deal with this. Likewise with the patio, we will remove any dirt, stains and marks that have accumulated over the years.

Call us today to request our moving house cleaning services if you want to avoid the frustration of cleaning your old house while trying to move into your brand new home. Remember, SGcleanXpert can help with both revamping your tired-looking old place and welcoming your move into your sparkling clean new house.

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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