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Bathroom Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Bathroom Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Bathroom Cleaning Services

bathroom cleaningPublic bathrooms are often a haven for germs and bacteria, simply because of the amount of traffic that passes through them on a daily basis. When you consider the number of times a day in which bathrooms in hotels, gyms, airports and other public places that are used day and night, and the huge amount of dirt and bacteria it involves, it may leave you wanting to take a shower in your own clean, hygienic bathroom. Instead of letting your clients use your dirty, smelly bathrooms with bated breath, or depending on your regular, inexperienced cleaning staff to upkeep your commercial bathrooms, it makes much more sense to book SGcleanXpert’s expert janitorial bathroom cleaners to clean your bathrooms for you.

Public bathrooms are exposed to bacteria such as staphylococcus, hepatitis A, E Coli and gastric viruses. Airborne germs are transferred through the air when people cough, and when their hands (full of germs and bacteria) touch the taps, basins and other surfaces in the bathroom. Keeping the bathrooms clean and sterilized will go a long way towards preventing diseases from spreading.

It is not difficult to understand why cleanliness is so important in your office bathrooms. By cleaning it on a regular basis, you can rest assured that your clients will not pick up any of those nasty germs. This will give them peace of mind when they use your facilities, and it will help uphold your company’s good reputation and image.

Clean Bathrooms Make The Best Impression

While customers are often less inclined to do their part in keeping the bathrooms clean, they certainly do expect to walk into one that is in pristine condition. At SGcleanXpert, our cleaners will ensure that your bathrooms are not only clean on the surface, but they are thoroughly sanitized too. We clean every inch of your bathroom to ensure that your customers have a pleasurable experience while using the facilities.

Professional Bathroom Cleaning Services Using Only the Best Materials

At SGcleanXpert we use high-quality commercial cleaning materials, as we understand the importance of looking after your bathrooms and our environment. Germs and bacteria love to reside in scratch marks. That is why our products are non-abrasive, which eliminates the possibility of scratching the surfaces in the bathrooms. We respect the length and costs that you went through in providing the best bathrooms for your clients, thus we take pride in protecting them.

Our cleaners at SGcleanXpert will attend to all of the following aspects of the bathroom:

  • We clean and shine all mirrors and glassware in the bathroom.
  • We scrub the tubs, basins and floors to restore them to a super shine, ensuring that all soap scum is removed.
  • We use special tile cleaner to clean the tiles and grout, ensuring that no residual dirt is left in the grouting.
  • We clean the ceilings thoroughly, taking care to remove moisture from all surfaces in the bathroom, thus preventing mold growth.

SGcleanXpert Takes Pride in Clean Bathrooms

We have built our name on providing great service to happy customers in Singapore. We therefore ensure that our work is of the highest standard at all times. We depend upon word of mouth advertising and we ensure that all our clients are motivated to refer our services. We are confident that you will retain our services once we have cleaned your bathrooms. So contact us today for our expert bathroom cleaning services.

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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