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Clean Marble Bathroom

Need help for marble care? Chat with our staff now.

Clean Marble Bathroom

Need help for marble care? Chat with our staff now.

Clean Marble Bathroom

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

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Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Clean Marble Bathroom Singapore

Marble Brings Style

Marble is a stone – however, it is not just any kind of stone, but a metamorphic one which is composed of several minerals, making it pleasing to the eyes. Not only does it give off a sleek and elegant look, it is also durable and waterproof. It is no wonder that it is a popular choice for tiling in most Singaporeans’ bathrooms. Imagine walking into your bathroom feeling like royalty – don’t we all want that?

However, as perfect as marble tiles may sound, they do have a few downsides to it. Other than it being slippery, it is also filled with pores, making it prone to staining as it absorbs spillages. Bear in mind that our bathrooms are the “hot spot” for spillages to happen – these include and are not restricted to our shampoos, urine and even water!

After a few months, your initially glamorous looking bathroom floor is now covered with ghastly and unwanted colours. Isn’t that frustrating? We bet that you would be afraid to invite anyone over!

How Do I Clean It?

“There must be a solution to this!” You think and yes, you are absolutely right!

To fix those stains, you can either replace or clean your marble bathroom floor. Most of you will opt for cleaning it as replacing it calls for more hassle in terms of money, time and work.


“That’s great! Let’s get the detergent out and get to work then!”

Hold your horses, improper cleaning will give the surface of your marble floor tiles more scratches and etches which would demand a replacement instead. Acidic detergents are a big no-no for marble cleaning as it will corrode the marble which is a base. Scrubbing brushes are also out of the question as marbles are quite soft in nature and will be easily damaged by this.

To clean it properly, the combination of a marble floor cleaner and untreated mop would be ideal. There are also certain cleaning substances that will be useful in cleaning up stubborn stains which require proper technique. All these will help you to restore your marble bathroom floor to its cleanest and prevent further damage during cleaning. If you want further results to achieve a squeaky-clean look, you can also polish it.

Professionals In Shining Armour

Our team of cleaning experts have mastered the technique of returning your marble floor to its squeaky-clean appearance. We have ample experience, knowledge and skills to remove the ugly stains with zero damage to your beautiful marble floor.

As we believe in delivering the best quality service to you, we use only good quality cleaning products and equipment. After all, we do not want to produce results that are subpar and not up to standards. Your satisfaction is what we strive to achieve.

Value For Money

You may start to wonder if what we claim seems too good to be true and if the pitfall in this is that the price is sky high – well, no, we have got that covered! We understand that people put off these services because of the prices, thus depriving the cleaning and maintenance that their marble floor needs.

We don’t want that to happen! Therefore, our marble bathroom cleaning service is offered at an affordable price just for our beloved customers.

No Holding Back!

The time for floor care has arrived! Do not put your bathroom floor matters aside anymore as now you have us to count on. Contact us now to get more information about this service to return your bathroom its rightful royal look! You can also check out our marble polishing services.

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Marble Polishing Enquiry

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