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Post Renovation Cleaning

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Post Renovation Cleaning

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Post Renovation Cleaning Services

post renovation office cleaningWhen you grow your business operations, you may need renovate your premises to cater to more employees, to house more offices or expand work areas. The challenge with renovating your office is that it leaves the premises extremely dirty and the average regular cleaner is not trained or equipped to deal with the additional work, which involves building debris and construction dust. After a couple of weeks of renovations, there will be a lot of dust all over your offices, never mind all the broken pieces of walls, old fixtures and other renovation related rubbish.

Builders and construction workers touch everything when they renovate an office, so you will notice dirty fingerprints on your walls, light fixtures and ceilings. Much of the post-renovation dirt and debris that comes from drilling ceilings and walls cannot simply be cleaned with a bucket of soapy water and a mop. General cleaners are simply not geared to deal with post renovation cleaning, but the trained cleaning specialists from SGcleanXpert have plenty experience and can quickly identify and deal with the dirt.

Handling your own post-renovation cleaning will expend a lot of time and effort, not to mention money, that is better spent elsewhere. It may be a much better idea to call in the experts at SGcleanXpert for their state-of-the-art post renovation cleaning services.

Rely on SGcleanxpert’s Professional Post-Renovation Office Cleaning Services

Professional, thorough post renovation cleaning services require specialized equipment and the right cleaning materials to get the job done properly – first time, on time. Your staff needs to work in a clean environment and cannot afford to be affected by the allergens that are left behind after renovating the office. Hiring a professional post-renovation cleaning service will help you retain higher levels of productivity, as it ensures that your working environment is clean and allergen free for your employees and clients.

What to Expect During a Post-Renovation Office Cleaning Services

Even when every precaution is taken, builders may still spill paint on the floors. Rely on SGcleanXpert to carefully remove those stains in next to no time.

We will clean your office windows thoroughly to remove any dust, fingerprints or smudges left behind by the construction workers.

While dust settles everywhere during office renovations, we will ensure that any residual dust in the office is removed. We use state of the art equipment to remove residual dust from the floors, walls, ceilings and your air-conditioning system, by request. When we are finished, you can rest assured that all the dust is removed from your office. Your offices will look and feel clean once we have cleaned the windows, surfaces, ceilings, floors and furniture thoroughly. Additionally, we offer regular office cleaning, AC duct cleaning and a wide range of other services to keep your office sparkling clean all year round.

Cleaning your office post renovation is a huge task and is bound to become a big distraction for your employees if you attempt to tackle the task yourselves. Let SGcleanXpert take care of your post renovation office cleaning while you focus on the income-producing aspects of your business.

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