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Stone Floor Restoration

Need help for floor restoration? Chat with our staff now.

Stone Floor Restoration

Need help for floor restoration? Chat with our staff now.

Stone Floor Restoration

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Stone Floor Restoration

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Stone Floor Restoration Singapore

Flooring, aside from the roof and four walls, is one of the most important aspects to a house. As it takes the brunt of our daily activities, it is essential to invest in good and suitable floorings to keep up with our daily life because they will be the first to show signs of wear and tear. What determines a successful space aside from its interior design is the functionality. You cannot be having carpeted floors in a busy kitchen or a bathroom because it is just impractical.

Let’s Get Stoned

But why stoned floors of all other floorings such as hardwood? Stoned floors have been around for centuries and have been winning hearts ever since. There is a reason why it is a people’s choice. They are so effortlessly stunning and long lasting that you can never go wrong with having a stone floor in your house. Stone floorings are resistant to scratches and allergens and most importantly heat resistant, which is a major plus point to countries like Singapore with such warm climate. Its high durability also means that it is low maintenance. Thanks to its favourable characteristics and value, you are directly increasing the market value of your house when you install a stone flooring.

Types of Stones

Speaking about stone floorings, there are many types for you to choose from depending on the function of the space because different stones have different characteristics.


The most durable of all stones. Its pores are so small that it is the most water resistant stone compared to the rest even when left unsealed.


Slate, a metaphoric rocks formed in layers have riven sides resulting from the splitting of the stones. It comes in different densities with the denser quality ones being less likely to chip.


Its translucent beauty calls for the aesthetic enthusiasts but unlike granite, marble can be easily scratched, requiring a little bit more care. But there is nothing a little sealant cannot take care of.


Bring formed through pressurization from sedimentary rocks, limestones are hard yet porous. Sealants are definitely needed for this one if you want it to last long.


Mimicking the beach or desert with its warm tones, it is not hard to fall in love with sandstones. With However, it being the most porous stone among the rest makes it harder to care for as well.

How to Love Your Stones

Stone floorings definitely need the least maintenance but that does not mean that it requires no maintenance at all. Over time, the flooring might develop scratches here and there and cause wear and tear. Dust and dirt will start building up in between the scratches and cracks, making it dull. Thus, stone floorings should always be coated with a sealant to form a layer of protection. The sealant should also be reapplied every 4 to 5 years.

Stone floorings should also be cleaned regularly and a simple step goes a long way. It is always highly recommended to opt for a detergent with a more neutral PH to prevent the corrosion of the sealant. Different type of stone flooring requires different type of care. Limestones and sandstones which are more porous would need a good coat of sealant if you want to prevent stains. Granite on the other hand is so durable that what you might want to worry if anything heavy drops on it. Because it is so hard, it is brittle as well.

We Fix

Prevention is always better than cure because it will break a bigger hole in your wallet if you were to polish the whole floor. But if your stone flooring ever loses its shine, restoration Xpert is here to the rescue.

We cannot fix your broken heart but we can fix the cracks in your stone floor which is almost the same thing. Repairing cracks is harder than the normal polishing and it requires an expert to do so. You can reach us by either calling or dropping us an email.

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