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Bus Cleaning Services

Need help with the cleanliness of your bus or minibus? Chat with our staff now.

Bus Cleaning Services

Need help with the cleanliness of your bus or minibus? Chat with our staff now.

Professional Bus Cleaning Services

SGcleanXpert is committed to providing professional bus cleaning services with consistently high quality for our clients in the transportation industry. Regardless of how many buses, minibuses or coaches you have, SGcleanXpert will make sure that your fleet of buses are clean, so that your passengers can enjoy a pleasant journey.

Maintaining a team of cleaners just to take care of your bus cleaning chores is never an economical approach. We always recommend our clients to outsource this to professional bus cleaning service providers, even if they are not choosing SGcleanXpert. This is because we strongly believe that they should focus on the area that matters most to them – their core business of providing transportation solutions to their customers.

1. Regular Bus Cleaning For Your Fleet

To ensure that your fleet of buses, minibuses and coaches are maintained at a consistent level of cleanliness, regular cleaning is a must. A lot of bus service providers merely focus on cleaning the exterior of the bus body with water jet. In fact, besides the exterior of the bus, regular cleaning for the bus interior is even more important. Professional bus cleaning should include both the interior and exterior of the bus. Interior bus cleaning encompasses basic upholstery cleaning, floor cleaning, interior glass cleaning, curtain cleaning, wiping down the driver’s steering wheel and dashboard, and clearing away the trash onboard.

2. Hygiene Onboard Your Bus

Your bus drivers normally spend most of their working hours onboard the bus. If the cleanliness of the bus interior is compromised, the likelihood of your bus driver falling sick becomes much higher. The grimy floors, musty seat upholstery, dusty curtains mean lots of dust and dirt floating around in your bus. Breathing these in may cause runny nose, coughing and sneezing, and with prolonged exposure, may result in allergies such as asthma or eczema.

On top of that, a dirty environment such as spilt juice, empty drink cartons, left over food or crumbs on the floor and seats will breed ants, cockroaches or even rats. These pests are a nuisance and transmit dangerous diseases.

Putting the comfort of your passengers aside, making sure your bus drivers are working in a clean and healthy environment is very important. We are sure you would want your drivers to be able to concentrate while they are driving, and send their passengers from one place to the other safely!

A clean, comfortable and hygienic bus interior is not just an enjoyable working space for your drivers, it is essential in providing your customers a flawless and pleasurable experience.

3. It Saves You Time And Makes Sure Your Clients Have a Pleasant Journey

Hiring professionals to take care of your bus cleaning can save you a lot of time. If properly scheduled, the cleaning process will not affect your normal operations, which means that your drivers and buses can remain productive during operating hours. We understand the importance of productivity in the transportation business. Just let us know your preferred cleaning schedule, and leave all the manpower and resource allocation to us.

Engaging a professional bus cleaning service not only saves you time, it also ensures your passengers have a pleasant journey.

No longer do your bus drivers have to double up as bus cleaners to check the bus interior for rubbish, wipe the windows or hose down the bus exterior. Instead, they can focus solely on driving responsibly and taking care of their passengers’ safety and comfort.

4. It Ensures Your Transportation Business Maintain A Professional Appearance

First impressions count. As such, bus cleaning is crucial because it helps you maintain a professional appearance for your business or your clients’ businesses at all times.

In the transportation business, especially if you are serving corporate clients, most of your clients could be from another company, which means that, any buses or vehicles that you’ve chartered to them somehow represent their company – even if it is only for a single trip.

You will never know how important that passenger taking your bus could be for your client, or for your own business. He could be the owner of a multi-billion company and if he is happy with your company’s service, may even award you with a long term contract for all his employees and clients!

Trusted Bus Cleaning Service Provider

Therefore, better be safe than sorry. Do not take the cleanliness of your buses, minibuses, coaches or other vehicles lightly. Besides sending them for regular servicing by your mechanics, make sure to engage a trusted cleaning provider to clean them regularly.

SGcleanXpert can save you all the hassle with our professional bus cleaning services – one time ad hoc or regular cleaning – you choose. Simply tell us which cleaning services you need: from bus exterior to bus interior, from curtains to seat upholstery, from floors to glass windows, we are sure you will be able to find something from our comprehensive range.

So contact us for more details today!

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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