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High-Pressure Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

High-Pressure Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

High-Pressure Cleaning Services

The knowledgeable team at SGcleanXpert can banish dirt and grime for good with our jet cleaning services

Cleaning exterior spaces like driveways, sidewalks, and walls can be a real nightmare. As material is deposited over the years, it is impossible to remove with a basic sponge and a garden hose. Not to mention, without the right knowledge, products, equipment, or techniques, you could actually damage exterior paint and finishes. That’s where our professional team comes in. Our Singapore-based business excels at providing customers the best solutions for all your cleaning needs, including jetting, blasting, steam cleaning, and high-pressure cleaning.

We offer custom solutions to all of your high-pressure cleaning needs so you can feel confident knowing that your space is cleaner and healthier after we’re done cleaning.

When it comes to cleaning the exterior surfaces of your property, no one beats SGcleanXpert.

  • Commercial, industrial, residential – No matter how big or small your property, we still offer the same amazing service for your building and its grounds.
  • Perfect for outdoor spaces – Our high-pressure cleaning services are great for cleaning years of dirt build-up on concrete, siding, wood decks, window screens, garage doors, and more!
  • Garden surfaces – Our specialty washer can clean common garden accessories made of wood, concrete, and metal like gazebos, fences, and garden ornaments.
  • High-quality cleaner – We only use environmentally-friendly products, accessories, and cleaning methods.
  • Vacuum services available – Your interior spaces need a little attention too! Using gentle pressure, we can wash your interior carpets.
  • No water damage – When you invite us onto your property, you can rest assured that we will not cause any water damage because we are fully trained in all the latest application methods.

With our high-pressure cleaning services, not only will you greatly enhance the look and value of your property, but you’ll also provide a cleaner, safer, healthier environment for your visitors, coworkers, and customers.

Air and water services

Depending on the surface and the amount of dirt involved, we may suggest either a water-based or air-based service. Our cleaners can help you decide which method will work best for your particular situation. Because we are so focused on your satisfaction, you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done right the first time and we’ll never press you to choose a service that you don’t need.

All of our machines have the power to remove years of caked-in grime to restore your surfaces to like-new condition.

Your search for the right cleaning company is over

When it comes to professional cleaning services in Singapore, we’re at the top of the list. We offer comprehensive services and friendly attention to details that you simply won’t find with other cleaning companies in the area. We’ll even wash your car!

Whether it’s letting you read the information on a cleaning product or explaining your options, our customer-oriented staff is always willing to help you understand our process from start to finish. We offer a variety of professional services that include upholstery cleaning, window washing, and we even offer emergency services. We truly are your one-stop provider when it comes to taking care of all your cleaning needs.

For surfaces that look just like new, give us a call at 8463 7671 to schedule an appointment. You are also able to contact us through email or the contact page on our website.

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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