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Canteen Cleaning

The canteen might be the favourite place of many, be it an office canteen or a school canteen, but it can also be the most unhygienic place if it is not cleaned thoroughly and regularly.

Given that the canteen is the place where food and beverages are prepared, this serves as a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and even pests like flies, cockroaches and rats. They are attracted to any leftover food.

Additionally, workers have to deal with the mess students or workers leave behind – dropped crumbs, littered packages, empty bottles and water spilt onto the floor. These are particularly common in primary schools.

With such a huge area to cover for cleaning, the clean up after lunch hour is the last thing the canteen workers have to complete, after a tedious day of preparing and serving food.

As for the kitchen, it’s hard to miss the unpleasant smell of wet cloth, and the greasy grime on the worktop, sinks and floors. Tired kitchen staff barely have energy left at the end of the day to clean up food scraps, crockery and utensils during closing time. They sure could use some help with cleaning the kitchen and canteen.

NEA Regulations

Canteen workers may think that they could get away with a dirty work station since it is hidden from the public’s eyes, but it would morph into a much bigger issue when the Food Hygiene Officer (FHO) from the National Environment Agency (NEA) inspects the canteen and kitchen. The NEA views food hygiene and good sanitation at food preparation and serving sites very seriously. Food establishments who do not pass the inspections are subjected to fines and demerit points, which could lead to the suspension or revocation of licenses.

A customer’s health and safety is the responsibility of canteen owners. NEA requires a high standard of cleanliness and a hygienic environment for food preparation, so that the food is safe for consumption. It is highly recommended that regular in-depth cleaning be carried out in order for the canteen to maintain a satisfactory standard of overall hygiene and cleanliness.

However, it is almost impossible to fulfil such stringent requirements on a daily basis. This is where SGcleanXpert comes in – our responsibility is to ensure our client’s canteen and kitchen exceed the lofty hygiene standards required by Singapore’s law.

Why Choose SGcleanXpert

Whether it is a home, an office or an education institution, the cleanliness of the dining area, where we consume our food, should be duly taken care of.

SGcleanXpert dispatches professional cleaners who are trained to provide specialised cleaning solutions for canteens and food preparation stations in Singapore. Our cleaning specialists utilise proper machinery and other equipment as well as industry-safe and approved chemicals to carry out the cleaning, leaving your canteen and kitchen spotless for you to conduct your daily business safely.

Some of our most sought after cleaning services include cleaning kitchen exhausts, cookers, grills, ovens, refrigerators, dishwasher, sinks, utensils, walls, floors, etc.

Be sure to contact us online at our website, email us at, or dial 8463 7671 to arrange for a site visit – so that we can assess your premises, understand your cleaning requirements and recommend you our best cost-effective solution(s) for your all cleaning needs.

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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