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Marble Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Marble Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Marble Cleaning Services by the Professionals

Taking care of marble floorings is not easy; it takes time and considerable effort to make sure the marbles are scratch free and glistening like a star in the dark sky. Yet, at times, no matter how much effort you put in, these marble floorings refuse to shine the way you want them to. This is where we come in. Our job is to clean your marble floorings immaculately, making them look as good as new, scratch-free, and shining like the Northern Star.


Let’s assume you have marble flooring, marble counter tops, marble walls etc, but those marbles are not as shiny as they used to be. This could be due to a variety of reasons. Usually marble floorings lose their shine when exposed to something rough, like the movement of furniture, which can damage its texture. Constant exposure to chemicals in the bathroom and water can also make that happen. Not cleaning it properly, dropping edibles on it constantly, spilling fluids on it – all of these will cause the marble to lose its luster.

No matter how much you try to clean the floor with water and detergent, it won’t bring back the shine. You will need to polish the marble to restore it. When the marble is polished, the rough surface on top is cleared out, and the new coat is ready to bring the shiny look back once again. It’s just like dry skin; when you apply lotion to the dry skin, it helps smoothen the texture of your skin, and before you know it, your skin is smooth again.

Polish Tip

Did you know that the juice which drips down from the center and sides of the fruits you cut on the marbled kitchen counter can cause the marble to be exposed to acid? Unlike our bodies, materials like marble cannot take such acids. This affects the furnishing of the marble, giving it a faded look as compared to the other parts of it. To avoid such happenings, try to cover the countertop first, or use a plate underneath.

More Tips

Want the shine to last as long as possible? Here are some helpful tips which can help you do just that.

  • After you have finished bathing, do not forget to wipe away any or all water drops from the marble shower, preferably with a squeegee. This will remove any water stains on them, which are very visible.
  • In order to protect any marble surface from scratches or stains, use coasters, rugs, mats, or any cushion under cooking utilities and machineries as well.
  • You can get temporary polish at hardware stores if you are rushing for a dinner or party. Read the instructions carefully before applying just to avoid any excessive damages.
  • Regularly dust and wipe the marbles.
  • Do not place hot items or objects on the marble which can damage its surface, or cause it to crack.

For more permanent solutions, you can always call the marble cleaning experts; our team of professionals at SGcleanXpert are here to help.

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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