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Vinyl Floor Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning Services

Due to their versatility, durability, and high wearing properties, vinyl floors are a popular flooring choice. Made of different materials, vinyl floors are smooth and water resistant, and you can retain their resilience and brilliance with regular cleaning and maintenance. On the other hand, without regular maintenance, vinyl floors lose their sheen easily, making them look dull and worm out. At SGcleanXpert, we have vinyl floor cleaning experts who offer cost-effective sanitizing solutions in vinyl strip and seal to give your property a fresh new and shiny look.

Giving a Mirror-Like Finish to Vinyl Floors

Our vinyl floor cleaning services are designed to handle all of your hard surface floor cleaning needs, offering complete floor stripping, sealing, refinishing, waxing, buffing, machine scrubbing, and burnishing. Burnishing produces a high gloss, shiny wet look floor finish, perfect for residential and commercial floor areas. We can make your dull, dirty vinyl floors look brand new with our specialist vinyl floor cleaning and maintenance services, polishing them to a mirror-like finish.

Vinyl surface finish may become abraded and dull by foot traffic. Regular cleaning with a mop cannot help you get a mirror-like finish, especially if the wear is really bad. Moreover, if you attempt to do it on your own and end up pouring polishing agents directly onto the substrate, it could have undesirable effects, such as streaking or uneven surface gloss. It is thus essential to hand the floor maintenance job over to the professionals from the moment it is laid. At SGcleanXpert, we pride ourselves on our professional cleaning, stripping, sealing, and maintenance services for all your vinyl floors needs.

Professionalism at the Core

Keeping your vinyl substrate in good condition will make your space pleasing to the eye while also adding an additional protective covering from water and dust contamination. Our well equipped and experienced floor cleaning technicians use cutting-edge methods to remove the hardest of stains from spills, grease, dirt, or oil and clean and protect your flooring. Quality workmanship, customer satisfaction, and affordable vinyl floor cleaning services set us apart from the competition.

Vinyl flooring comes in an amazing range of colors and patterns and adds to the aesthetic appeal of your space. There is no flooring look that vinyl sheets cannot mimic. However, without proper maintenance, vinyl can easily become dull and lose its sheen, especially in areas with high foot traffic. As vinyl floor cleaning experts, we can professionally handle your floor and help it achieve perfect results quickly at an affordable cost.
Our hard floor restoration services include cleaning, polishing, and maintenance of vinyl substrates for their long term protection. With commitment to the environment, we use non-toxic finishing agents so you can rest assured that your vinyl floor cleaning project is in safe hands. Unlike most competitors that use toxic substances for floor cleaning that can be a health hazard, we use safe products to ensure safety of your family, little ones, and pets.
Polishing prevents dirt and liquids from penetrating into the floor and spoiling its aesthetics and impacting its strength. We can efficiently strip the previous polish, clean the area, and apply a new protective polish coat to give a glossy finish to an otherwise stained, matted, and damaged vinyl surface in your home.

So call SGcleanXpert today to get a no-obligation quote on all your vinyl floor cleaning needs.

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