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Professional Escalator Cleaning Services

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Escalator Cleaning Services Singapore

In this day and age, escalators are something that we would normally find in multi-levelled establishments such as shopping malls, corporate buildings, hotels, airports and so on. They are conveyor transport devices that allow people to move from one floor to another almost effortlessly. The amount of traffic escalators get on a daily basis is considerable, which means that they tend to get dirty more often than naught.

Leave ‘Em Dirty At Your Own Peril

Whenever a person steps onto an escalator, dirt from their shoes or belongings are often left behind and these will accumulate over time on the steps of the escalator. This leaves you with grimy-looking steps and filthy handrails, which are certainly an unpleasant sight to behold. Aside from that, dirty escalators that are left unattended will prove to be costly in the long run because the accumulation of grime and grease within the machinery will reduce its lifespan and result in frequent malfunctioning. 

What Needs To Be Done

Cleaning escalators is often accompanied with some minor repair and maintenance works to keep it functional for a longer period of time. This ensures that your escalators are properly sanitised and free from unwanted accidents befalling its users. Cleaning your escalators will also enhance its outward appearance, which more or less affects the public perception and image of your company or establishment.

A Job Meant For Professionals

Cleaning escalators is by no means a conventional task that can be done by just anyone with a cloth and a bucket of water.  It involves the use of purpose-built equipment and specialized chemicals to ensure thorough and proper cleaning of your escalator. It is also a meticulous task, as you must avoid contaminating the lubricating oils in the escalator drums or cause damage to the electrical circuits during the whole cleaning process. This is why it’s better to be safe than sorry and seek help from certified professionals to take care of your escalator cleaning instead.

The Finest Service In Town

When it comes to escalator cleaning, you can bet that the services we offer are one of the finest you’ll ever come across in Singapore. Our cleaners are fully qualified and trained to provide you with the highest standard of escalator cleaning money can buy. With the use of the latest equipment and chemicals, our highly trained professionals will restore your soiled and dirty escalator into its clean and pristine condition. Effective and efficient cleaning of escalators are what we strive to achieve, which is why you can trust in our professionals to get your escalators cleaned up without causing any unwanted downtime or interference with traffic flow.

Get In Touch Now!

The escalator cleaning services that we offer are available for both public and private organisations. The prices for our services are also competitive and you can certainly depend on us to take care of your escalator cleaning with timeliness and professionalism. Should you have any queries regarding any of our services, please do not hesitate to call us and our customer service personnel will be glad to assist you!

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