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Heat Exchanger Cleaning Services

Downtime can prove costly to any business. No enterprise can afford to have their equipment stand idle for too long. A minor glitch can sometimes assume greater proportions and turn into a bigger problem, which often comes at a higher price for the organization. It is the same case with heat exchangers. You cannot afford the breakdown of your evaporators, condensers, oil coolers, intercoolers, jacket water coolers, charge air coolers, pre-heaters, calorifiers, industrial radiators, and chiller coils and heaters. Timely maintenance and periodic heat exchanger cleaning services are imperative to prevent breakdowns and emergencies that could otherwise prove costly for the company.

Regular Cleaning Of Heat Exchanger Promotes Efficiency

The functioning of a traditional heat exchanger depends primarily on its heated or cooled pipes, with one coiled metal pipe contributing to the change in the outer liquid enclosed within a plastic or thermal insulator. Plate exchangers use alternating chambers, instead of pipes, separated by stainless steel plates that are known for strength and temperature resistance.

Deposits, dirt, and grime generally affect the efficiency of plate heat exchangers, risking damage to the expensive equipment, which often results in unscheduled costly repairs. Unfortunately, high temperatures, unfavorable water, and water impurities cause fouling in heat exchangers, affecting the shell side and tube side of the industrial equipment and impacting the efficiency of the heating/cooling process. Fouling gradually worsens the internal heat transfer process, reducing transfer of heat that inevitably impacts product cost. In order to reduce the impact, regular cleaning is a must for heat exchangers.

The heat exchanger cleaning process involves disassembling the dirty plate heat exchanger to determine the amount of damage and contamination. Following detailed inspection and diagnosis of the equipment, the plates are thoroughly cleaned and treated accordingly.

Why Choose SGcleanXpert

At SGcleanXpert, we understand the high value properly cleaned heat exchangers bring to your organization. More often than not, these heat exchangers are mission-critical components that affect the efficiency, productivity, and reliability of the petrochemical plant, natural gas processing unit, chemical plant, or refinery.

Our in-house cleaning professionals are well trained to undertake the cleaning and maintenance of your heat exchangers while complying with all the industry safety standards. We follow a thorough non-abrasive cleaning process through a series of chemical washings to eliminate residue buildup and water deposits from the equipment. Our comprehensive heat exchanger cleaning services include:

  • Removing the buildup of dirt, deposits and grime
  • Testing each plate for cracks or pinholes with dye penetration system
  • Cleaning each gasket and prepare plate groove before bonding
  • Coating applications
  • Assembling the plates to restore their efficiency and ensure trouble-free service
  • Inspecting the application a final time before it is put to work again

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your heat exchanger plates eliminates the risk of cross-contamination, while saving on costly downtime. SGcleanXpert is equipped with advanced technologies and tools, including those powered by water and air, to handle jobs of any size and difficulty. This enables efficient cleaning of the soft tube fouling, hard mineral deposits, and water contamination without damaging tubes and minimizing internal tube abrasion and wear. Hydroblasting may be used to clean the most stubborn fouling. You can count on our heat exchanger cleaning services to enjoy maximum cost benefits and minimum downtime. Contact us for a free no-obligation quote today!

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