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Outdoor Cleaning Service

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Outdoor Cleaning Service

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

DIY vs Hiring a Professional Outdoor Cleaning Service Provider

Home ownership is not simple. It takes time, money and energy to keep properties clean and well-maintained. Proper outdoor maintenance can easily increase the aesthetic appeal and market value of properties. Therefore, homeowners must pay attention to outdoor cleaning as much as indoor cleaning.

In the quest of saving a few dollars, many homeowners often choose DIY methods instead of hiring a professional for the job. Is this the best way to go? Most certainly not!

Here’s why…..

The DIY trend is growing in Singapore and many are jumping on this bandwagon. And why not, it saves money. But are you willing to compromise on the quality of work that only a professional can offer. Think about it?

Perfect Combination of 3 E’s- Experience, Expertise and Equipment

Cleaning stained concrete surfaces like driveways, patios and sidewalks is the hardest let alone outdoor decks and walls. Removing stubborn mud stains and blemishes tarnishing these surfaces is no less than a challenge. It may take you the entire day but you may not achieve the desired results. However, cleaning up and removing dirt, grease, moulds and grime from concrete surfaces may be easy for a professional outdoor cleaning company simply because they are experts.

A professional outdoor cleaning company has the expertise, the experience and the right equipment. A professional has the access to the latest technology and equipment such as biodegradable degreasers and hot water high pressure cleaning technology like rotary pressure washers.

They know what methods, techniques and equipments to use to clean up different types of stains in no time and rejuvenate your outdoor surface- making it safer to walk on and simultaneously improving your curb appeal. They can offer various treatments like fungicidal wash and even block sealing to your requirements. They have high powered sprayers and motors which can remove stains, moss, dirt, mildew, grit and even peeling paint, giving your outdoor surfaces such as patios and deck a good quick facelift. The surfaces may look so sparkling clean that you may no longer need to have them repainted.

Job Done Effectively and Efficiently

A professional and certified cleaning company can do a better job than anyone else. They are well-trained and highly-skilled. Whether your outdoor surface is stenciled, stone flagged, patterned, colored, plain or concrete, no surface clean up is too tricky or difficult for a certified professional company. They have the ability to do each job faster while complying with the highest quality standards.

Great and Long Lasting Results

By hiring a professional you can achieve long-lasting and great results on patios, driveways, car parks and other outdoor surfaces that require clean up jobs which otherwise you can’t. This one-time investment is much better than doing it yourself.

To achieve great results by yourself, you may have to spend more money in small amounts every now and then to rent pressure washing machines and gutter cleaning equipment, which may cost you more than getting it done from a professional. Contact SGcleanXpert to handle all your outdoor cleaning needs today.

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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