Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Services

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Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Importance of Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Services

When it comes to restaurants all around the world, including Singapore, cleanliness is always a primary concern of the diners. An unclean restaurant will not only put off customers due to the sight it presents, it will also give rise to health hazards. Hygiene comes in number 2 when it comes to restaurants in Singapore, right behind food quality.

In Singapore, when a new restaurant opens up, the National Environment Agency (NEA) ensures no compromises are made when it comes to sanitation and the quality of food. Only then is it allowed to serve customers. One can’t really take any chances in this regards; if someone falls sick due to the restaurant environment not being clean and healthy, the news will spread like wildfire, and your reputation is sure to go down the drain. The law dictates that certain rules and guidelines are to be followed when it comes to sanitation. If those rules are not met, the non-compliance is likely going to get out and the restaurant may very well be forced to shut down.

Hygiene and sanitation is not just limited to the cleaning of floors and wiping of tables; this also concerns the cleaning of the utensils which are used to cook the food in, used to serve, and other cutlery, making kitchen cleaning of the utmost importance. If not cleaned properly, it can cause bacterial infections and growth.

Why Exhaust Hood Cleaning is Important

Sometimes, there are other factors which can affect the hygiene of any restaurant in Singapore, such as the exhaust hood in restaurant kitchens. The kitchen exhaust hood is the ceiling over the stove which lets the fumes and smoke exhale from the kitchen out in the open, to prevent those in the kitchen from suffocating. If the hood does not get servicing every month, the elements, such as the fumes, present chemicals, chemicals and bacteria which may have come from the outside, can start to grow inside. When the mouth of the hood is blocked, there is hardly any place for the fumes to exit – this can also cause the accumulation of chemicals and grease. If there is a small kitchen fire, the grease will increase the impact instantly, especially if the fire reaches the hood.

Rodents Love Unhygienic Kitchens

Rodents can be attracted as well if the floor is not clean, or if a spill is ignored even for just a couple of days. Cockroaches, rats and mice are examples of some rodents that may be attracted and these rodents carry viruses, bacteria and diseases along with them in their bodies. This infection will start to spread in the restaurant, especially when the rodent gets access to the food, ingredients and the kitchen utensils. Eventually, those dining on such unhygienic food can fall extremely sick. There have been incidents in which people died as rodent filth was ingested by them, and this includes even a single strand of rodent fur.

To avoid such hazards, it is very important that all restaurants in Singapore follow the health guidelines set by the NEA and make sure cleanliness is well taken care of at all times. Just to be on the safe side, you should consider hiring professional restaurant kitchen cleaning services for your commercial kitchens and your residential/home kitchens as well. Look no further! Contact SGcleanXpert for a no-obligations quote today!

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