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Curtain Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Curtain Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Curtain Cleaning Services

Just as mattresses accumulate all kinds of dirt and dust, so do curtains. In fact, in many homes in Singapore and around the world, curtains are one of the most neglected areas in the house. People tend to clean everything in the house and forget to attend to their curtains, and when they do, they assume that it can be cleaned in the same way as standard laundry.

Importance Of Cleaning Your Curtains

Curtains hang quietly collecting odors, dust mites, fungus and more, absorbing the fumes from cooking, smoking and other activities in the home. Over time, the curtains become smelly, musty and dusty. With its heavy fabric which traps dust easily, the curtain becomes a haven for dust mites and mold, posing a number of risks for you and your family, including:

and many other ailments.

Children, and babies in particular, should not be exposed to dust and mold that cause these conditions as they can have long lasting and harmful side effects on their under-developed immune systems. Many families spend a small fortune on medical bills, not realizing that such medical expenses could be reduced or even avoided by paying more attention to the correct curtain cleaning requirements of their homes.

Experts suggest that curtains, roman blinds and pelmets be professionally cleaned at least every 7 to 9 months to help keep the dirt at bay and this will help keep your family safe and healthy.

State-of-the-Art Technology

At SGcleanXpert, our cleaning specialists are trained and equipped with the best available cleaning materials and technology to clean your curtains in no time, which results in an immediate improvement of the air quality. We use the latest spray and extraction equipment to get the maximum amount of pollution, grime and dirt out of your curtains. Coupled with our attentiveness to the minutest detail, we are confident that our curtain cleaning services will delight you and your household.

SGcleanXpert Provides On Site Curtain Cleaning

We provide professional on site curtain cleaning service for households, saving you the hassle of taking down the blinds, pelmets and curtains and transporting them to us. With our quality cleaning products and many years of experience, we can also clean your upholstery fabric and carpeting while we are there. This saves you both time and the cost of additional transport fees. That is just one of the ways in which we try to provide the most convenient curtain cleaning service to our valued customers.

We work quietly and quickly to maximize your privacy. We pride ourselves on our superior attention to detail, and take care to ensure everything in your home is protected at the same time.

We can clean all types of curtains and drapes in fabrics ranging from rayon, to cotton, velour, velvet and silk. We guarantee that colors will not run or fade and that your curtains will not shrink. It is our mission to provide the best service at the most competitive rates. So, call us for a free curtain cleaning quote today.

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Curtain Cleaning

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