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Floor Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Floor Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Floor Cleaning Services

Different Treatments For Different Floor Types

There is a lot more to cleaning floors than a mop and bucket, and the truth is that many people don’t clean their floors correctly. Depending on the type of floor surface, you may need specifically formulated cleaning materials, as the wrong materials can actually destroy your flooring over time.

If you’re in doubt about how you should clean your floors, it might be a good idea to bring in the floor cleaning experts to attend to your specific cleaning requirements. From stone floors, to wooden floors, hard floors and of course carpeted floors, floor cleaning services know how and when to use different types of cleaning materials and equipment for the best cleaning results that will deliver long lasting results and superb surface protection.

Professional Floor Cleaning Services

People might not always notice how clean a floor is, but they are swift to notice a dirty or an unkempt floor. This is especially important in your home, where hygiene is important to your family and visitors alike. Remember, first impressions last and the floors are one of the first things that people are likely to notice when they visit your home.

It is important to clean your floors in such a way that is safe and hygienic. With regular maintenance and cleaning, you can be sure that your family and visitors will be impressed by the cleanliness of your flooring.

Apart from cleaning your floors, we will also treat them with the right solutions (as required) to ensure that they remain clean and protected for as long as possible.

We take painstaking effort to remove stains and spots from floors, carpets, furniture and other upholstery.

Thorough Cleaning Services for All Floor Surfaces

Carpets & Rugs: When we clean your carpets, we clean them carefully, using top quality cleaning materials and deep immersion methods to ensure that they are dry in next to no time.

Tiled Floors: Cleaning tiles and grouting is more complex than you might imagine, so leave it to SGcleanXpert to make sure that your tiled floors are sparkling clean. We strip tiling and rinse it thoroughly to ensure that every last bit of dirt is removed. We then rinse it vigorously to remove all cleaning substances. Thereafter, we apply a quality floor sealant and finally we apply a top quality floor finish to ensure that your tiles remain protected and clean for a long time.

Additionally, we clean the following types of floor surfaces:

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Natural clay tiles
  • Porcelain
  • Cement
  • Sandstone
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Grout
  • Natural stone

You can hire SGcleanXpert weekly, fortnightly, monthly or at any time intervals that suit you. Our trained staff are adept at using all the right materials and equipment to ensure that you have the best floor cleaning experience ever.

It makes good sense to hire SGcleanXpert, because we have the expertise to clean floors and even upholstery, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you require any specialized floor cleaning services, or related cleaning or maid services.

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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