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Post-Renovation Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Post-Renovation Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Post-Renovation Cleaning Services

post-renovation-cleaningRenovating your home is an exciting time. You marvel at the sight of your home being transformed from one with an old outdated design to a refreshed brand new home without having to suffer the hassle of actually moving house physically. It is fun visualizing how you will enjoy the house post renovation. There is one challenge with renovating though, and that is – with so much dust and dirt created by all that hacking, drilling or plastering, your house could become pretty messy in no time. While you might think it is an easy-enough task to clean up, this is not necessarily the case. Dirt, sawdust and tiny particles accumulate when you renovate your home, and most of these are hidden from the untrained eye. This is why you should call in the professional cleaners at SGcleanXpert to come give your newly renovated home a thorough post-renovation cleanup.

During the process of renovating your home, a lot of dust will be created when the workmen drill holes for your bathroom fixtures, hack through your walls or do up your flooring. Whether they are covered up or not, it is inevitable that your carpets and furniture will finally be coated with layers of dust. Our cleaners are able to get rid of the dust professionally and efficiently.

SGcleanXpert’s Post Renovation Cleaning Services

At SGcleanXpert, our cleaners are trained to remove all the dust, debris and dirt that are created during the home renovation process.

We provide the following services for clients who have recently renovated their homes:

  • We remove any unwanted plaster and paint that might have been left behind by the workers.
  • We clean all hard-wood flooring thoroughly to remove any residual dust and grime.
  • We vacuum all suitable areas such as floors, walls and furniture to remove dust.
  • We clean the bathroom, shower, latrine, taps, basins and cupboards in the bathroom. We use specially formulated cleaning solutions to ensure that the bathroom is free from dust, dirt and mold.
  • We thoroughly clean all cupboards, drawers and other surfaces.
  • We clean kitchen cupboards inside and out, to ensure that your kitchen is sparkling clean.
  • We spot clean ceilings and walls to ensure that they are in pristine condition.
  • We remove the dust that easily accumulates on light switches and in electrical sockets.
  • We also dust and clean door jambs and skirting boards.

We also remove minor debris and attend to all the difficult-to-reach corners including behind fridges, freezers, washing machines and under beds and cupboards to ensure proper cleanliness and to improve your indoor air quality. SGcleanXpert employs highly skilled cleaners to take care of all your post-renovation cleaning needs. We come highly recommended and take great pride in our work.

So remember, once all the renovation workers have left, call SGcleanXpert right away so that we can come in and create our magic. In next to no time we will have your newly renovated home looking fresh and feeling perfectly clean.

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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