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Contracts Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Contracts Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Contracts For Cleaning Services

contractual-cleaningWhen selecting a cleaning service company, it is important to choose a company that is legally compliant. You do not want to do business with fly-by-night companies as they are only in it for the money and your concerns are the last thing on their minds. You want a company that is professional and one that puts the clients’ needs first. While all companies start off new at some point, it is in your best interests to secure the services of a Singaporean cleaning company that is established and conforms to all the necessary legalities. Working with SGcleanXpert takes all the stress about contracts for cleaning services off your shoulders.

You should find out how long the cleaning service company has been in business and ensure that they are registered with all the relevant organizations. Does the cleaning service company provide ongoing training for its staff and management? Legally compliant companies will make sure that their workers are up to date with all the latest technology, products and cleaning techniques. We at SGcleanXpert take great care to only use registered, licensed cleaners to ensure that you, the end user, enjoy the best experience possible.

The management of the cleaning company management must maintain adequate communication channels with the workers to ensure that the job is done properly. A good cleaning company will do surprise checks on site to ensure that the workers are working according to prescribed standards. The company should also do follow up calls to ensure that clients are satisfied with the work done. Here at SGcleanXpert, we have high service expectations of our cleaners in order to maintain our high performance standards and uphold our reputation.

contract-cleaningIt is also preferable to use companies that work with green products. Green products are less harmful to the environment and to your furniture and equipment. Speak to SGcleanXpert if you prefer green cleaning, and we will gladly oblige.

Contracts for cleaning services should be to the point and in language that is understandable to the client. The cleaning service contract should be clear about the job, detailing all the work that you require to be done. This should include dates and time for the start and completion of the job. At SGcleanXpert, we take great care to provide contracts that are readable and easy to understand.

Good contracts for cleaning services will list all the services that the cleaning company provides. This allows you to possibly make use of more services than you intended to originally. If you are hiring the company for a sustained period, the dates for future work should be documented in the contract. SGcleanXpert offers flexible schedules, depending on the contract you desire.

Charges for services should be clear and specific. Each item must be listed and if extra services are required these should be documented individually. There should also be a section covering termination by each of the parties. This may happen should the client not pay on time or the cleaning service provider does not fulfill its contractual obligations. SGcleanXpert’s contracts for cleaning services clearly specify the terms of service and payment.

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