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Sofa Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Sofa Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Sofa Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Sofa Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Sofa Cleaning Services

Sofas tend to collect plenty of dirt, much of which is not always visible to the naked eye. Dirt, food, soil, fluids such as wine, juice, coffee and tea, and allergens all accumulate on your sofa, your mattress and the upholstery of furniture and even in your carpets, leaving them dirty and your home unhealthy.

If you have children and pets, your sofa is bound to need regular cleaning. Children and dogs especially, are taskmasters at accumulating and transferring dirt. Cats shed hair and this also causes allergies in people who are susceptible to allergens.

The secret is to clean your sofa regularly so that the dirt and grime does not have too much time to set in. Not only will this keep your sofa looking clean and fresh, but it will reduce the odds of your sofa becoming stained due to marks that have not been attended to. Thankfully, SGcleanXpert offers sofa cleaning services to help you with both fabric and leather sofas, so why not give us a call today?

SGcleanXpert Knows How To Clean Your Sofas Expertly

At SGcleanXpert we know how to get rid of the dirt and allergens from your sofa. We use the right equipment and products to ensure that all the dirt and allergens are removed efficiently. We vacuum the sofa and then use either a dry or wet cleaning method according to your sofa’s needs, which will depend on the fabric and structure of the sofa.

Our dry cleaning method will prevent your sofa from being soaked and will therefore be ready to be used soon after it has been cleaned. We apply a more rigorous cleaning process for badly stained sofas, and it may take longer for a badly soiled sofa to dry, but your sofa will nevertheless be clean and rejuvenated once we are done with it.

Our Cleaning Products Are Safe for All Sofas

sofa-cleaningYou do not need to worry about discoloration or shrinkage as our sofa cleaning materials and methods are safe for any types of sofa, regardless of the material. We use low moisture cleaning materials to ensure that your sofa looks as good as new without being damaged after our cleaning process. After vacuuming your sofa to get rid of all dry dirt, dust, food and other particles, we apply our low moisture fabric cleaner to break down all dirt that is embodied in the material. We then apply a sanitizing spray to the sofa to repel organisms and dust mites.

Optional Sofa Fabric Protection

We also treat the sofa to protect it from ink, shoe polish, red wine and other common stains. Invest a little now and save lots of money in the long term. The cost of replacing sofas today is high and can be avoided by taking proper care of them. Let SGcleanXpert clean and freshen up your sofa regularly so that you can entertain people in your home with pride and keep your sofa looking as good as new for years to come. We also offer specialized leather sofa cleaning services in addition to our fabric sofa cleaning services.

Uncomfortable and Unsightly

Have you ever tried to settle in your sofa and get ready to watch some television but suddenly felt itchy all over? Do you sometimes find crumbs or stains over your sofa? It becomes even more embarrassing when you have guests over and you realise that your sofa looks dull and dirty.

Other than the aesthetic complications, health complications may arise as well. Since your sofa can house various allergens and dirt, it may trigger breathing problems and cause breathing difficulties in those who have allergies or asthma. What’s worst is that not everything can be scanned by the naked eye! Other things that could be lurking under the surface of your sofa can include dirt, dust mites, bacteria and sweat. The list could go on and on.

To keep your sofa clean and comfortable, regular cleaning is needed. But how do you clean your sofa properly? Some people may use a brush, damp cloth, vacuums or even baking soda. Let us warn you that there is no one-size fit all cleaning method for all sofas. Therefore, if you use an improper method, it may cause more harm to your sofa, leaving you with a sofa with more ugly stains and unwanted organisms.

How SGcleanXpert Clean Your Sofa

Since there are different types of sofa materials, SGcleanXpert always start of with an inspection of your sofa through pictures and details provided from you, taking note of its material and the areas that need extra attention or care.

For fabric sofas, SGcleanXpert normally use the extraction method to give your sofa a thorough cleaning. This method starts off with spraying a specialized cleaning solution onto your sofa using a specialised machine. This specialized sofa cleaning solution mixes with the dirt and water in your sofa, making it easier for it to be removed. All these are then removed by using our machine without causing any damage to your sofa. Since this is a wet process, ventilation in the room must be well maintained to ensure quick and effective drying of your sofa which will normally be achieved in a few hours.

For leather sofas, SGcleanXpert will first clean it with a specialised cleaning agent suitable for its material. Stained areas are then scrubbed to remove the stubborn dirt or stains in your sofa. To finish off, SGcleanXpert specialist will apply conditioner to retain the sleek look of your leather sofa.

Microfibre sofas are labelled with different cleaning codes. This enables us to figure out the right way to clean it to prevent any damage. After reviewing details and pictures of the sofa provided by you, SGcleanXpert’s cleaning professional will use the correct cleaning solution to clean your sofa and brush out the areas to prevent your microfibre from stiffening.

An Experienced And Helpful Team

SGcleanXpert team of professionals have ample experience, skills and knowledge in the field of sofa cleaning. Specialists from SGcleanXpert are dedicated to our field of service and strive to provide the best for our customers.

We only use good quality products to clean your sofa, thereby ensuring that we can provide good quality service for our customers. We also offer tips on cleaning methods and clarify any doubts that you have about sofa care.

Furthermore, our services are offered at a reasonable and affordable price, allowing you to provide the best care for your sofa easily and regularly. SGcleanXpert is the best sofa cleaning service provider in Singapore.

Contact SGcleanXpert For Professional Sofa Cleaning Today

If you want to rid your sofa of the unsightly stains and dirt, do it the right way to prevent damage to it. Contact SGcleanXpert today to know more about our sofa cleaning service.

Can’t seem to get that stubborn stain or dirt out of your sofa no matter how hard you scrub? Get us to clean your sofa thoroughly for the best price!


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For further enquiries, chat with us now!

For further enquiries, chat with us now!

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