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Leather Sofa Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Leather Sofa Cleaning Services

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Leather Sofa Cleaning Services

There is no doubt that a leather sofa enhances the elegance of your home. Leather adds a touch of class and style to your home. There is nothing nicer than entertaining good friends and family members in a home with an elegant leather sofa, which exudes a certain sense of style and beauty. However, it is important to ensure that your leather sofa is well looked after and kept clean regularly by investing in a professional leather sofa cleaning service.

Your Leather Sofa Deserves Expert Care

Leather is such a luxurious material, but most people do not know how to look after it and treat it to ensure that it retains its beauty and texture for many years to come. People react to slick marketing pitches and buy all sorts of cleaning materials that are ineffective, if not downright harmful. Many of these cleaning mixtures contain ammonia or bleach that can cause a great amount of damage to your leather sofa. Leather is porous, so it is easy for the harsh substances to seep into your sofa. Hence it is a good idea to call in the professionals at SGcleanXpert and let us take care of your leather sofa.

SGcleanXpert Offers Expert Leather Sofa Cleaning

While leather is tough, dirt still does affect it and can cause it to age before its time. Regular, proper cleaning will not only keep it clean, but will help to maintain that new look and smell that you have become so accustomed to. Leather – just like any upholstery materials – accumulates dirt, but it also has the added disadvantage of losing moisture, which can cause cracks to appear and devalue your leather sofa in no time. Proper leather sofa cleaning is necessary every three to four months for optimal results.

Our safe and proven leather sofa cleaning materials will clean your couch and help it to maintain its original appearance and feel. We will avoid using water that will cause mold.

SGcleanXpert Use State of The Art Techniques to Restore Your Leather Sofa

Our leather sofa cleaner gets rid of all surface dirt and grime on your furniture. This specially formulated cleaning agent also helps to remove any damaging dirt that the sofa has been exposed to. We then heat the leather to open its pores, which helps the deep moisturizer to penetrate the sofa. We can also assist by applying a special moisturizer to leather sofas with cracks. By reheating it, we can remove all dirt and dust that have settled into the cracks. If you call us soon enough, we may be able to reverse the first signs of damage, but we may not be able to reverse any permanent damage with our leather sofa cleaning service. If your sofa is badly damaged, we may have to discuss restoring the sofa so that it looks as good as new.

Leather sofa cleaning is important to remove any spills or to reverse the early signs of wear and tear, before further damage occurs. Instead of worrying about whether you are doing the right thing, why not engage the expertise of the professionals. Let SGcleanXpert give you a quote on our expert leather sofa cleaning services and rest assured that your sofa is treated exactly as it should be. We have the expertise, equipment and cleaning materials to ensure your sofa looks and feels brand new.


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