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Marble Floor Polishing

Need help with your marble floor polishing? Chat with our staff now.

Marble Floor Polishing

Need help with your marble floor polishing? Chat with our staff now.

Marble Floor Polishing

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Marble Floor Polishing

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Marble Floor Polishing Singapore

Marble, a soft metamorphic stone formed over millions of years when limestone is subjected to extreme temperatures and pressures, is exquisitely beautiful as a flooring material because of its shining colours and smooth texture.

If you do have a marble floor at home, you’re bound to have some scratches and stains. Especially if you have been complacent in the very beginning, such as forgetting to place furniture pads on the legs of your tables and chairs.

But don’t worry. Even if you do have some contact scratches, a simple polish should do the trick.

But First, A Few Caveats

Polishing, if done right, not only removes inadvertent scrapes and grazes, but also gives a beautiful sparkling finish to your beloved marble floor. However, incorrect polishing and cleaning techniques and/or tools can worsen the condition and result in a damaged floor surface.

As durable as marble is, it is inherently calcium carbonate, hence any acidic chemicals can react with it and turn it into sand. There is a long list of chemicals you should definitely avoid when cleaning your marble floor. This includes vinegar, which is a common substance used to clean surfaces.

A Polisher’s Arsenal

It is important that you get the right tools for the job, as the wrong ones may result in grave consequences.

A high-powered polisher with changeable pads is ideal for marble polishing. A minimum of three diamond floor polishing pads are needed – one with low grit size, one with medium grit size and finally one of high grit size. Each will be used at different stages of the marble polishing process.

The Marble Polishing Process

Before you actually begin to polish your marble, you must first level the floor by grinding away the rough edges. This is done using the pad with the lowest grit – 30 or 50 will do just fine.

Next, smoothen out all the nooks and crannies with the diamond polishing pad of grit size 100 to 200. This step is called honing. Besides making the surface more even, it is also effective in getting rid of stains as well.

Sometimes you can stop at this step if you feel that your marble floor was in a good condition previously, is now adequately polished.

Armed with a grit 400, 800 or 1500 polishing pad, you can now start to meticulously polish the marble surface to achieve a glistening effect. If you have different pads between the grit size ranges of 400 to 1500, start with the lowest grit size and then gradually increase the rating.

Buffing comes next with the finest grit yet – a grit size 3000. This is to fine-tune the amount of shine you desire for your marble flooring. If you wish to add a cherry on top, marble crystallisation is an attractive option to get the much coveted pearly radiance.

For a beautiful and practical final touch, coat the marble with a protective layer of sealant. This helps prolong the lifespan of the lustrous stone and prevents water from seeping into it.

Too Much To Handle?

Does it all sound too complicated for you? Fret not, we at SGcleanXpert Singapore are here to help.

Our team of specialised floor technicians will help you polish your marble floor till you can see your own reflection in it. Our selection of products and services will blow you away. So contact our friendly customer service to book your marble floor polishing appointment today!

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