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Shangri-La Tower Ballroom Singapore is an ideal venue to celebrate your special day. Shangri-La Tower Ballroom Singapore provide a special service for celebrating your wedding. They would help you layout the ballroom with your favourite theme. They would put on your favourite flowers and tie your favourite lace at chairs. They really take care of your preferences in your wedding celebration. Shangri-La Tower Ballroom Singapore is also available for co-operating function, company training party and so on


How to go to Shangri-La Tower Ballroom

Shangri-La Tower Ballroom

Address: 22 Orange Grove Road, 258350, Singapore

Contact Number: (65) 6737 3644

Nearest MRT: Newton

Rate: Contact (65) 6737 3644 for price

Occasion: Wedding, Party, Corporate function, Others

Type: Indoor

Disclaimer: The information above is solely for the purpose of reference only. We will not be held liable for any inconvenience caused due to either closure or maintenance of the area or building as there might be recent updates not brought to our attention yet. Kindly assist us by keeping us informed of any new updates and/or invalid details. You can Contact Us by filling up a form here and we will verify the information before making amendments. Thank you.

Event Cleaning Rates

1 Day 2 Cleaners $1200 - $1800
6 Cleaners $1800 - $2400
10 Cleaners and Above Please ask for quotation
2 Days 2 Cleaners $2200 - $3400
6 Cleaners $3200 - $4200
10 Cleaners Please ask for quotation
3 Days 2 Cleaners $3200 - $4200
6 Cleaners $4200 - $5200
10 Cleaners Please ask for quotation

* Final prices subject to confirmation

For more Information

Phone: +6584637671


For more Information

Phone: +6584637671


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