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Vinyl Floor Polish

Need help for vinyl Polish? Chat with our staff now.

Vinyl Floor Polish

Need help for vinyl Polish? Chat with our staff now.

Vinyl Floor Polish

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Vinyl Floor Polish

Need help for cleaning? Chat with our staff now.

Vinyl Floor Polish Singapore

My Floor No Longer Shines

Vinyl floor can really be considered the “most valuable player” in the flooring material field. This is because vinyl floors are attractive, waterproof, lasting and inexpensive. These features have attracted many users. They can be installed in the form of tiles, planks or sheets.

However, as years pass, vinyl flooring will lose their shine and look worn out and faded due to wear and tear. The dust and dirt from various places also tend to accumulate on the vinyl flooring, causing damage to it. Most of the time, home owners get frustrated by the amount of scratches that collects on their precious vinyl floor. These are mostly due to the dragging of furniture across the floor. Vinyl, after all, is prone to scratches. A scratch on a vinyl floor is more obvious than a scratch on wood flooring.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. You equip yourself with brand new cleaning equipment and decided to give it your all to clean your vinyl flooring.

Nothing worked!

What Now?

Well, more aggressive measures are required at this point – vinyl floor polishing!

Through floor polishing, you can add a brand new protective coating, even out your floor surface and fill those ugly scratches. This layer will help your floor to restore its shine as well, giving the shiny and clean appearance that you yearn for. It is an essential measure to maintain your vinyl floor. It’s better than replacing your whole flooring as it costs less money, time and effort.

Imagine having to move all furniture out and vacating that space for a few days, isn’t that hard? Polishing takes a much shorter time, we assure you.

How Do We Polish Your Floor?

Firstly, we move away furniture and clean your floor’s surface. Next, we pick out polish products that are suitable for your floor, apply it and try to even it out with our equipment. We use several techniques that will help the polish to be applied evenly. These techniques will help to avoid the formation of bubbles in the polish. Lastly, the polish is let dry and the floor is buffed.

Voila, the sheen of your floor is back!

One thing to note though, if polishing is done wrongly or the techniques are inappropriate, it may cause your floor to look even worse.

Experienced And Skilled – That’s Us

Our team is equipped with abundant knowledge, experience and skills about floor care and floor polishing. They have undergone certain trainings to understand the proper techniques for floor polishing. This is to ensure that your floor is restored to its glorious shiny days.

Other than that, we also use the best polish materials that we can get our hands on. Paired with good quality applicators, application of polish onto your floor can be done properly. This will facilitate the restoration of your floor’s appearance and condition.

Don’t worry about the price as we try to offer the most affordable prices for our esteemed customers. We will never compromise our quality of work for lower prices. We want our customers to be satisfied and happy with their perfect flooring after all. It pclleases us to see that our hard work gets appreciated.

Call Us Now!

Why deprive your floor of its original shine? If cleaning doesn’t help much anymore, polish your floor! It will definitely help with the appearance of your floor and protect it further. Contact us today to engage in our services!

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