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Vinyl Floor Polish

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Vinyl Floor Wax Singapore

Prevention Is The Best Cure

If you have vinyl floors at home, that means you know the true worth of vinyl material for flooring! Even though it’s artificial unlike marble and granite, it has aesthetic values that are on par with the natural stones that are mentioned and wood. It also has functional qualities like water resistance, noise reduction and durability. What’s not to like about it?

Pretty and functional as it is, it needs maintenance and care for it to live up to its name and lifespan. You may not understand its importance in the beginning, but as time goes by, your vinyl floor which may be in the form of sheet or tiles may be damaged by the furniture and dirt. Scratches will form and the vinyl will turn yellow. Cleaning will be a problem because the floor is now uneven and will catch more dirt.

As the saying goes, “Prevention is the best cure.” What if there is a way to prevent all these from happening?

The Best Cure Is Waxing

There is, in fact, a way to protect your vinyl floor. Wax it!

Waxing brings a lot of benefits to your floor. It can protect your floor from moisture. Although vinyl floors are said to be water resistant, it is still best to give it an extra protection as water are the silent killers by warping your flooring materials. Apart from moisture, waxing prevents dust from collecting in the cracks from your floor. This will ease your cleaning in terms of time and effort to achieve that squeaky clean appearance.

Scratches will form less easily because of a layer of protection on it. The best part of waxing is that it extends the lifespan of your vinyl flooring! You wouldn’t want to replace your flooring every year or two, we bet.

How Is Floor Waxing Done?

When we wax your floors, we choose the appropriate product which will suit your floor. If there are any previous layers, we will first remove them using a wax stripping product. Worry not as this will not damage your vinyl floors. We then clean the floor thoroughly to ensure that there are no specks of dust lying around.

After this is completed, we then apply wax onto your floor carefully. This is done until we cover the vinyl surface completely. We then leave it to dry and buff it to finish everything off.

Bear in mind that we carry all these out with the greatest care along with proper techniques to prevent any waxing errors.

Entrust Your Floor To Our Experts

Our team can be trusted to carry out cleaning and waxing procedures properly. Equipped with sufficient knowledge, skills and experience, we are confident to provide the best waxing service for your vinyl flooring.

Furthermore, as quality supersedes quantity, we only use waxing and cleaning products of good quality. We also assess if the material is suitable for your flooring so that we will not cause any damage to your vinyl floor.

What about the price? What we are offering may seem a little out of budget, don’t they? Worry not, we strive to provide the lowest price possible for you to make it affordable! Floor care is important and we don’t want you to neglect it because of the price.

This Is For You

Whether you are about to install your vinyl floor in your home soon or you want to wax your poor time-ridden floor, this is catered for you! End your long search here and contact us today to enquire more information about our vinyl floor waxing service or other cleaning services.

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